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Who would like to bird Nigeria?

Nigeria has 900+ species and is a biologically diverse country with lowland rainforest in the south to semi-desert in the extreme north. In the south-east of the country, Grey-necked Picathartes – Picathartes oreas - can be seen on Obudu Plateau.

Nigeria has 4 endemic species: - The Rock Firefinch - Lagonosticta sanguinodorsalis - and Plateau Indigobird - Vidua maryae - which can be seen at the AP Leventis Bird Sanctuary, Anambra Waxbill - Estrilda poliopareia – on the islands of the Niger River Anambra State and the Ibadan Malimbe - Malimbus ibadanensis – at IITA and in the Ibadan region.

If you are interested in birding Nigeria please contact me, Jo Sievers on +27 72 647 7904

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