Aves West Coast Birding Tour / Safari / Adventure.

The west coast is best known for its rich sea life, coastal wetlands and spectacular spring wild flower display?s. Fantastic bird watching sites. The tour includes eight Important Bird Areas: -

  • Boulders Beach.

  • Strandfontein.

  • Rietvlei. [Ramsar Proposed site]

  • West Coast National Park. [Ramsar site]

  • Lower Berg River Estuary. [Ramsar Proposed site]

  • Lambert?s Bay.

  • Verlorenvlei. [Ramsar site]

  • Cedarberg ? Koue Bokkeveld Complex.

Boulders is home to over a thousand pairs of African Penquin. This is also a good area to see Cape Cormorant [Breeding Endemic], Crowned Cormorant, Sugarbird and White-backed Mousebird.

Strandfontein provides abundant and diverse birdlife and it is possible to see more than 70 specie during an afternoon visit.

Rietvlei habitats include shallow marine waters, estuarine waters, tidal mudflats, salt marshes and freshwater lake, marshes and pools. This has resulted in a high diversity of water birds.

West Coast National Park includes Langebaan Lagoon a wetland of International importance. The rich mud flats, sand flats, and salt marshes support large numbers of migrant waders.

Lower Berg River Estuary consists of the river channel, floodplain, pans, commercial salt pans, reed marsh, sedge marsh, salt marsh and inter-tidal mudflats. The area provides most rewarding birding with high densities of water birds.

Lambert?s Bay is best known for the Cape Gannet [A breeding Endemic] colony. The surrounding strandveld and wetlands offer a diversity of specie.

Verlorenvlei is a closed coastal estuarine lake and marsh system supporting large numbers of water birds.

Cedarberg ? Koue Bokkeveld Complex hold a remarkable number of distinctive habitats, making it home to many bird specie. The mountain fynbos holds all the Cape Fynbos birds, while the Karroid vegetation holds many of the Namib ? Karoo Birds.






Near Endemic?s         


Breeding Endemic's



Bird Lists: -



Cape of G.H. Nature Reserve 


Rondevlei Nature Reserve


Rietvlei Wetland Reserve


West Coast National Park   


Lower Berg River Wetlands 




Specials: -



Great White Pelican, Greater and Lesser Flamingo, Caspian and Little Terns, Lanner Falcon, Marsh Sandpiper, Chestnut Banded Plover, Knot, Terek Sandpiper, Marsh Owl, Spotted Eagle Owl, Banded Martin, Cape Wagtail, Malachite Sunbird.

Mammals: -

Elephant, Lion, Black and White Rhino, Leopard, Buffalo, [Big 5] Cheetah, Gemsbok, Springbok,

Trees: -

Mountain Cypress ? Widdringtontonia nodiflora, Cape Beech ? Rapanea melanophloeos, Real Yellowwood ? Podocarpus latifolius, Sweet Thorn - Acacia Karroo, White Milkwood ? Sideroxylon inerme, Sagewood ? Buddleja salviifolia, Hard Pear ?Olinia ventosa, White Pear ? Apodytes dimidiate.

Accommodation: -


Cape Town   

The Cellars Hohenort*****

2 Nights


The Rocks Guest House***

1 Night


Kersefontein Guest Farm*****

1 Night


Karukareb Wildeness Lodge ****

1 Night


Inverdoorn Private Game Farm***** 

1 Night


Tour Price Range: -

From as little as $837  per person sharing to $3,877 per person sharing for the Aves West Coast seven day Birding Tour. 


Day 1



Meet at Cape Town Airport and transfer to The Cellars Hohenort, Constantia, Cape Town.



Bird grounds of The Cellars Hohenort, Constantia, Cape Town.



Lunch at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens.



Bird Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden.


Birds: -

Cape Sugarbird, Swee Waxbill, Forest Canary, Cape Batis, Orange-breasted Sunbird, Cape Spurfowl, Helmeted Guineafowl, Cape Robin Chat, African Olive Pigeon, Lemon Dove, Red-eyed Dove, Rufous?chested and Black Sparrowhawk, Karoo Prinia, Sombre Greenbul, Olive Thrush and Southern Boubou.



Return to The Cellars Hohenort, Constantia, Cape Town.





Day 2

Iteninary for Client's on Pelagic Day Trip: -


Depart for Simonstown for Pelagic Trip. [Day trippers regularly see over 10,000 seabirds of up to 30 species.]


Birds: -

African Penquin, Black-browed, Shy, Atlantic Yellow-nosed, Indian Yellow-nosed, Northern Royal, Wandering and Grey-headed Albatross, Southern Giant and Northern Giant Petrel, Antartic Fulmar, Great-winged, Soft-plumaged and Pintado Petrels, Antartic Prion, White-chinned and Spectacled Petrels, Cory?s, Great, Flesh-footed, Sooty and Manx Shearwater, European, Leach?s, Wilson?s and Black-bellied Storm-Petrel, Cape Gannet, Artic, Long-tailed, Pomarine and Subantartic Skua, Sabine?s Gull and Artic Tern.


Return to Guest House


Iteninary for Client's not on Pelagic Trip: -



Depart for Cape Point via Houtbay, Noordhoek, Kommetjie and Scarborough.


Birds: -

African Penquin, Jackal Buzzard, Ground Woodpecker, Cape Rock Thrush, Grey-backed Cisticola, Cape Sugarbird, Southern Lesser Double Collared Sunbird, Neddicky, Cape Bunting, Common, Sandwich, Swift Terns, White-breasted, Bank, Cape and Crowned Cormorants, Kelp and Hartlaub?s Gulls, White-fronted Plover, Ruddy Turnstone, Ostrich, Verreaux?s Eagle, White-necked Raven, Little, Alpine, African Black Swifts, Redwinged Starling, Speckled Pigeon, Malachite Sunbird,



Lunch in Simonstown



Bird the Boulders African Penguin Colony.



Depart for Strandfontein Pans.


Birds: -

Cape Shoveller, Cape Spurfowl, Little, Black-necked, Great Crested Grebes, Darter, Reed Cormorant, Greater Flamingo, Caspian Tern, Cape Teal, Maccoa Duck, Red-billed Teal, Southern Pochard, Yellow-billed Duck, Spur-winged Goose, Pied Avocet, Black-winged Stilt, Black Crake, Purple Swamphen, Black-crowned Night Heron, Lesser Swamp Warbler, Levaillant?s Cisticola, African Marsh Harrier, Helmeted Guineafowl, Brown-throated Martin, Common Waxbill,



Return to Guest House.




Day 3



Breakfast and book out of Guest House



Depart for Darling Wildflower Reserve.


Birds: -

Blue Crane, Cape Clapper Lark, Southern Black Korhaan, Cape Longclaw, Cloud Cisticola, Large-billed Lark, African Pied Starling, Yellow Canary, Cape Sparrow, Acacia Pied Barbet, Greater Striped Swallow, Long-billed Crombec, Three Banded Plover, African Snipe, Klaas?s Cuckoo, Diederic Cuckoo, Cardinal Woodpecker, African Hoopoe, Secretarybird, Namaqua Dove, African Pipit, Pintailed Whydah, Redcapped Lark, Familiar Chat, Capped Wheatear, Banded Martin, Pearl-breasted Swallow, Barn Swallow, Southern Masked Weaver.



Lunch at Geelbek Manor House.



Bird from Geelbek Mudflat Hide.


Birds: -

This is Southern Africa?s best Wader Bird Hide.

Curlew Sandpiper, Little Stint, Sanderling, Red Knot, Ruddy Turnstone, Common Greenshank, Marsh Sandpiper, Common Whimbrel, Grey and Common Ringed Plovers, Bar-tailed Godwit, White-fronted and Chestnut-banded Plovers, Eurasian Curlew, Terek Sandpiper, Common Redshank, Greater Sand Plover, Broad-billed Sandpiper, White-rumped Sandpiper, Pectoral Sandpiper, Hudsonian Godwit, Mongolian Plover.



Book into at Elandsfontein Nature Reserve.



Dinner at Elandsfontein Nature Reserve.


Day 4



Breakfast and book out of Elandsfontein Nature Reserve.



Depart for West Coast National Park.


Birds: -

Black Harrier, Cape Spurfowl, Grey-winged Francolin, Cape Bulbul, Cape Grassbird, Cape Pendeline-Tit, Karoo Scrub-Robin, Chestnut-vented Tit-babbler, Cape Weaver, Bokmakierie, Southern Double Collared Sunbird, Yellow Canary, Cape Bunting, African Rail, Ostrich, Black-shouldered Kite, Barn Swallow, Pearl-breasted Swallow, White-throated Swallow, Wattled Starling, Malachite Sunbird, Curlew Sandpiper, Little Stint, Sanderling, Red Knot, Common Greenshank, Marsh Sandpiper, Common Whimbrel, Bar-tailed Godwit, White-Fronted and Chestnut-banded Plovers.


Mammals: -

Eland, Red Hartebeest, Bontebok, Plains Zebra, Common Duiker, Steenbok, Angulate Tortoise,



Lunch in Langebaan.


14: 00

Depart for Berg River Estuary, via Langebaan Quarry.


Birds: -

African Shelduck, Grey Tit, Acacia Pied Barbet, Ant-eating Chat, Sickle-winged Chat, Yellow Canary, Verreaux?s Eagle, Lanner Falcon, Rock Kestrel, African Black Swift, Chestnut-banded Plover, Kittlitz?s Plover, Common Ringed Plover, Black Necked Grebe, Greater and Lesser Flamingo?s, Cape Teal, Caspian Tern, Pied Avocet, Black Tern, Great White Pelican, African Spoonbill, Purple Heron.



Book into Kersefontein Guest Farm, Velddrift.





Day 5



Breakfast and Book out of Guest Farm.



Bird Velddrift.



Depart for Clanwilliam via Rocher Pan Nature Reserve, Elandsbaai, Lambert?s Bay.


Birds: -

African Black Oystercatcher, Cape Gannet, Cape Long-billed Lark, Cape Clapper Lark, Cape Penduline-Tit, Cape Cormorant, Bank Cormorant, Namaqua Sandgrouse, Karoo Lark, African Marsh Harrier, Little Grebe, Black Headed Heron, Grey Heron, Steppe Buzzard, Grey-headed Gull, Common Moorhen, White-fronted Plover, Sandwich Tern, Swift Tern, Spotted Thick-knee, Namaqua Dove, Pied Kingfisher, Malachite Kingfisher, Rock Martin.



Lunch in Lambert?s Bay.



Depart for Clanwilliam.


Birds: -

Cape White-eye, Cape Weaver, Karoo Prinia, Fairy Flycatcher, Fiscal Flycatcher, Grey-backed Finchlark, Pied Starling, Cape Sparrow, Acacia Pied Barbet, Greater Striped Swallow, Long-billed Crombec, Booted Eagle, Common Stonechat, Capped Wheatear, Little Egret, Cape Turtle Dove, Grassveld Pipit, Yellow-bellied Eremomela, Southern Masked Weaver, Southern Red Bishop.



Book into Karukareb Wilderness Lodge.




Day 6



Bird and Game drive.



Breakfast and book out.



Depart for Ceres, via Citrusdal.


Birds: -

Blue Crane, Jackal Buzzard, Pale-chanting Goshawk, Karoo Korhaan, Spike-heeled Lark,  Layards?s Tit-babbler, Karoo Scrub Robin, Karoo Eremomela, Karoo Prinia, Grey-backed Cisticola, Ant-eating Chat, Sickle-winged Chat, Karoo Chat, Tractrac Chat, Rufous-eared Warbler, Pririt Batis,  Dusky Sunbird, Pale-winged Starling, Black Headed Canary, White-throated Canary, Yellow Canary, Larlike Bunting, Long-billed Crombec, Verreaux?s Eagle, Martial Eagle, Booted Eagle, Lesser Kestrel, Ludwig?s Bustard, Double Banded Courser, Namaqua Dove, Cape Turtle Dove, Cape Robin-chat, Yellow-bellied Eremomela, 



Lunch in Ceres



Depart For Inverdoorn Private Game Reserve.


Birds: -

Booted Eagle, Ludwig?s Bustard, Southern Black Korhaan, Karoo Korhaan, Pied Starling, African Rock Pipit, Layard?s Tit-babbler, Karoo Eremomela, White-backed Mousebird, Fairy Flycatcher, Chestnut-vented Tit-babbler, Cape Bunting,


Mammals: -

The Big Five- [Lion, Elephant, Rhino, Leopard, Buffalo] Zebra, Springbok,



Bird and Game Drive




Day 7



Bird and Game Drive.



Depart for Paarl Mountain Nature Reserve.


Birds: -

Protea Seed-eater, Cape Sugarbird, Orange-breasted Sunbird, Cape Bulbul, Cape Grassbird, Fiscal Flycatcher, White-backed Mousebird, Red-faced Mousebird, African Olive Pigeon, Speckled Mousebird, Black Saw-wing, Bar-throated Apalis, Malachite Sunbird, Streaky-headed Seed-eater.



Lunch at Laborie Restaurant and Wine House



Bird Paarl Bird Santuary.


Birds: -

Cape Shoveller, Cape Longclaw, Maccoa, African Black and White-faced Duck, Southern Pochard, African Spoonbill, African Snipe, Common Sandpiper, Black Crake, African Rail, African Purple Swamphen, Water Thick-knee, White-winged Tern, Grey-headed Gull, Black-crowned Night Heron, Giant Kingfisher, Southern Red Bishop, White-throated Swallow and African Fish Eagle.



Depart for Cape Town International Airport.


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