Aves Birding Tours/Safaris/Adventures.

Aves Birding Tours/Safaris/Adventures offers birding watching tours/safaris/adventures in Southern Africa and Africa.

The nature of our business -

Aves Philosophy: -

Aves tours / safaris are exciting, friendly, small-group birding holidays designed and guided by a team of leaders and office staff whose professionalism, experience and knowledge are unsurpassed. Quality is key and profoundly influences everything that we do. Our guiding philosophy is to give, our clients the ultimate, most rewarding and most enjoyable birding adventures possible.

We are here to serve and we do everything we can to provide the client with a fantastic product that is both highly enjoyable and good value for money but above all, fun!

Our tours / safaris emphasize quality of birding and wildlife watching. Our primary aim is to guide you to those birds and mammals which are truly memorable. We are extremely well equipped to find those sought-after species that are the most important highlights of a successful birding tour.


About the owner: -

Jo Sievers has had a passion for birds and birding for 50 years, having grownup in Bizana, Eastern Pondoland, Transkei, South Africa. Over the years Jo has collected over 350 bird books, attended numerous birding courses, and has traveled extensively in pursuit of birds in Sub Saharan Africa. He is a founder member of the Lekki Bird Club, Lagos, Nigeria and has guided and led a number of bird tours in Nigeria. In Southern Africa Jo has extensively birded the important birding areas, as well as wild and remote places. He has a passion for knowing more about the lives and interactions of the magnificent birds, mammals and trees / fynbos of Southern Africa.

Aves Tour Leaders: -

One of the most important, if not the most important factor to the success of any bird watching tour is the tour leader.

They need to be: -

·        Professional leaders,

·        Put the interests of tour group first.

·        Friendly people who enjoy traveling and leading a tour group.

·        Able to share their enthusiasm for birds, mammals, trees and fynbos.

·        Leaders with a sense of humor.

·        Leaders with a more than average level of patience.

·        Extremely competent ornithologists.

·        Leaders with a sound knowledge of the area.

·        Well-organized.

·        Leaders who pay attention to detail.

·        Leaders that are able to take care of the logistics of the tour.

·        Leaders that ensure tour members enjoy a fantastic hassle-free holiday.

We are extremely proud of the Professionalism, Personality and Experience of our leaders.


What our Client’s Say

The Aves Western Cape Birding Tour we took was truly the trip of a lifetime. Fascinating from start to finish and accompanied by guides with what seemed encyclopedic knowledge. We could have stayed forever! Jeremy and Sarah Collis – Wimbledon, London, UK.

Thanks very much for the great days birding at Strandfontein, Rondevlei and Kirstenbosch. It really was very good to meet you,
and you have managed to teach me so much about birding - some of it
may have actually stuck! I've passed on your contact details and web page to Karen O'Dwyer from Back Track Travel in Australia with hearty recommendations for her to
send clients your way. I will be back in February for another Aves Tour. Jane Orr, Brisbane, Australia.

Thank you for the Aves tour. It was very thorough and your knowledge of the places and the birds was just what I was looking for in going with a guide. Of course, one can always hope to see more species but no one can control that! Thank you also for the offer to include my wife if I opt to take the day trip to Helderberg, etc. I certainly will consider such a trip on a future visit. Best wishes, Martin Ackermann, Cleveland, USA.

It was a great birding- I really enjoyed it - thank you.  The rest of my holiday was equally awesome, especially Madagascar.  Interesting though, saw very few birds outside of the national parks. And even though I worked really hard at it and had a great guide, saw only 52 diff species.  Many endemics which was exciting. Bev Lister, Perth, Australia.

Thanks for the great tours. I hope you got a good contact with the 12A, I am sure they will be a fruitful source of clients in the future. I look forward to getting the bird list we saw at the wetlands, and seeing some of the photos of the birds we saw too.  Very best wishes Dennis and Christine Sewell, E. York’s, UK.

Tour Vehicles: -

On most tours the vehicles are driven by the tour Leader. They are the latest models, air-conditioned, spacious, comfortable and chosen for the conditions of specific tours.

Accommodation: -

We carefully select accommodation for each tour to provide the best in the area. It always includes a private bath/shower and toilet in each room unless otherwise stated.

Daily plans: -

Birds are the primary interest of Aves Tours / Safaris. However daily plans often allow those who so wish to take part of the day off to explore other interests, or take a more relaxed approach to their birding.

Tour size: -

We believe that a small group and a high leader-to-participant ratio are essential to the enjoyment and success of any bird watching tour / safari.   The maximum group size per vehicle is 6.

Tour prices: -

The fact that Aves Birding Tours / Safaris offers the very best in professional leadership and the considerable benefits of a small group with a high leader-to-participant ratio, means that we offer exceptional value for money.

Pre-tour information: -

The Aves Website gives an impression of each tour, along with a brief account of the day-to-day activities. On receipt of a booking, we send detailed Tour Information.

The pace of Aves tours:-

We usually start the days early, either with an optional pre-breakfast walk or an early breakfast, prior to leaving for more distant points. Bird watching is continuous and we rest as necessary. A bird, mammal and tree list is compiled every day. All activities are optional within the general framework of the tour.  

Terms and Conditions: -

Reservations: -

Reservations for tours require a completed registration form and a deposit of $---- of which $--- is non-refundable.

Payments: -

Payment of the balance of the tour cost is due 70 days before departure date.

Cancellations: -

We strongly recommend the purchase of trip cancellation insurance to protect you.

Cancellations for all Aves Birding Tours / Safaris in South Africa: -  

Refunds are made according to the following schedule: -

If cancellation is made 120 days or more before departure date, a cancellation fee of $150 per person will be charged unless the deposit is transferred to a new registration for another Aves Birding Tour / Safari that will operate within the next 12 months, in which case the cancellation fee will be $50 per person.

If cancellation is made between 120 and 90 days before departure date, the deposit is not be refundable, but any payments covering the balance of the fee will be refunded.

If cancellation is made fewer than 90 days before departure date, no refund at all.

The Tour Price Includes: -

The tour price includes all travel as noted in the itinerary.

Not included in the tour cost: -

Travel insurance, passport costs, visas, immunizations, excess baggage charges, optional excursions, telephone calls, drinks, laundry, room service, snacks and anything of a purely personal nature.

Tipping: -

Aves includes all tour-based tips in the tour price.

Tour Alterations: -

Changes in itinerary may occur even though our tours are carefully planned.

Passport, Visa and Health Requirements: -

All participants are responsible for, and must be in possession of, a passport valid for six months after the conclusion of the tour.


Please contact your relevant travel medical doctor in your home country.


The following Aves Tours / Safaris are in Malaria free areas: -

Aves Arid Tour / Safari.

Aves Eastern Cape Tour / Safari.

Aves Western Cape Tour / Safari.

Aves West Coast Tour / Safari.

For advice on malaria please go to the following websites –


Tour Materials: -

General Information notes about your tour will be emailed to you with confirmation of your booking.

Insurance: -

Travel Insurance is essential and we insist that suitable cover is effected as soon as you book your tour.

We also strongly recommend the purchase of trip cancellation insurance to protect you.

Restrictions on Participation: -

Restrictions on participation are a matter of common sense and we have no absolute ones.

Our Responsibility: -

Many people and companies over whom Aves Birding Tours / Safaris has no direct control are involved in the planning and provision of your tour. Aves Birding Tours / Safaris has taken all reasonable steps to ensure that the suppliers of all services provided are of an acceptable standard.

Complaints: -

Should you be dissatisfied with any aspect of your tour please inform the leader straight away. If the leader is unable to solve the problem to your satisfaction please inform the Aves Birding Tours / Safaris office in writing as soon as you return home.


Birding Ethics and Guiding Ethos: -

As a point of departure, Aves Birding Tours / Safaris subscribes to Birdlife SA’s Code of Ethics for responsible birding behaviour. Although the complete Code of Ethics is available on Birdlife SA’s website at, in brief, the following principles are adhered to:

Approaching, observing and photographing birds with the least possible disturbance to them and their habitat, especially when in particularly fragile environments or when birds are nesting, or during breeding season.

Minimal use of playback, and only in a judicious and sensitive manner. Indwa Birding is aware that the use of playback in order to attract birds is a particularly sensitive issue in birding circles at present - while it is felt that playback is over-utilised in South Africa in general, it is also recognised that certain alternatives to playback can have potentially far more detrimental effects on specific bird populations and habitats (such as indiscriminately trampling through fragile, nested areas in order to get a better view, or repeatedly flushing a “difficult” skulker).

Respect for the rights of others, especially private landowners: inter alia where birding outings are conducted on private land, permission will be obtained from the relevant landowner beforehand.

Respect for the environment: we’ll strive at all times to minimise the size of our ecological footprint in all circumstances, and shall furthermore attempt to leave any habitat as we found it. As far as possible, we’ll remain on existing roads, trails and paths and shall always attempt to avoid trampling or otherwise disturbing fragile habitat.

In addition, Aves Birding Tours / Safaris recognises that eco-tourism in general, and bird guiding in particular, have no future in South Africa (or indeed, anywhere in the world) without the “buy in” of local communities and local land-owners. With this in mind, Aves Birding Tours / Safaris supports Birdlife SA’s initiatives to promote environmental awareness in local communities through inter alia the training of local bird guides, the support of these guides and the ongoing development of their skills. Aves Birding Tours will therefore regularly make use of local guides’ services which we acknowledge as frequently being invaluable in helping to track down some of the more elusive species in “off the beaten track” areas.


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