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Cape Grysbok seen at Strandfontein Pans, Western Cape, South Africa.

Cape Grysbok seen yesterday on an Aves Birding Tour at Strandfontein Pans, Western Cape, South Africa.

Cape Grysbok

The Cape or Southern Grysbok - Raphicerus melanotis - is a small antelope that is endemic to the Western Cape, South Africa. The Cape grysbok's native habitat is the "Fynbos biome" of the Western Cape South Africa. A shy, solitary, nocturnal buck that is rarely seen.


It has a rough, reddish sandy coat flecked in white. The head, neck and legs are less flecked and somewhat yellowish, while the inside of the ears, eye-rings, mouth area, throat and underside are white.


The grysbok is mainly a browser and are highly selective feeders, consuming large quantities of browse and fruit and 9% grass. The major of the intake comes from a diet that consists of vegetation with a high moisture content, contributing to the Cape grysbok’s independency of drinking water.


Lambs are born in the summer months after a gestation period of about 6 months. The lambs stay hidden for the first couple of weeks.

Conservation Status – Least Concern

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