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RSPB - UK - confirms Common Kingfisher Comeback.

A recent study from the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds has confirmed that the Common Kingfisher - Alcedo atthis - which has been declining for the past two years because of harsh winters, is once again thriving. The birds are susceptible to overly cold weather because as ice freezes their waterway habitats, the birds have trouble getting sufficient food. The birds' small size - just 6-7 inches long - also makes coping with cold weather a challenge.

During the 2009-2010 winter, the coldest the UK has seen in 30 years, kingfisher populations dropped up to 40 percent. Thanks to prolific breeding and large broods, however, the birds are rapidly regaining their lost numbers.

Common kingfishers can be found along riparian corridors including the edges of lakes, ponds and rivers, and while they are shy birds, they can often be seen perching motionless while they look for their next morsel of prey. Devon, Hampshire and Berkshire are the best places for viewing kingfishers in the UK.

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