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Regionally Extinct species of South Africa.

The two "Regionally Extinct" species are Egyptian Vulture and African Skimmer.

Occasional sightings of both species as vagrants hold out some hope that they will recolonize South Africa.

The Egyptian Vulture - Neophron percnopterus - is a small Old World Vulture, found widely distributed from southwestern Europe and northern Africa to southern Asia. It is declining in large parts of its range, often severely and is now extinct in South Africa.

The African Skimmer - Rynchops flavirostris - is a striking bird which is now extinct in South Africa. They have very long wings. The back, hindneck, and crown are black. The forehead and rest of the body is white, with a bright, long, orange beak that ends with a yellow tip. Their short forked tail is white, and their legs are bright red.



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