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What birds use echolocation?

Cave Swiftlets and Oilbirds.

Swiftlets form the Collocaliini tribe within the swift family Apodidae. The group contains around thirty species mostly confined to southern Asia, south Pacific islands, and northeastern Australia. What distinguishes Cave Swiftlets - Collocalia linchi - is their ability to use a simple but effective form of echolocation to navigate in total darkness through the chasms and shafts of the caves where they roost at night and breed. The nests of some species are built entirely from threads of their saliva, and are collected for the famous Chinese Birds Nest Soup.

The Oilbird - Steatornis caripensis - is a bird found in the northern areas of South America. They are nocturnal feeders on the fruits of the Oil Palm and tropical laurels and are the only nocturnal fruit eating birds in the world. They forage at night, navigating by echolocation in the same way as bats, but with a high-pitched clicking sound audible to humans.


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