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JOHANNESBURG, 8th June 2012Eco Stars, the Endangered Wildlife Trust’s (EWT) new kids only club, launches today at the Outdoor Eco Adventure Travel Experience show at the Waterfall Polo Estate in Kyalami. Eco Stars teaches children about threatened wildlife, our environment and how we all can help to make a difference.

“An Eco Star is someone who loves nature and cares about threatened wildlife. Eco Stars are inspirational young people who help to safeguard our environment and who realise that the health and wellbeing of our natural world and the survival of the human race depend on the actions which every person, big or small, takes today,” said Vanessa Du Plessis, Head of Business Development and Funding at the EWT.

Eco Stars receive a starter pack filled with everything they need to get going on their journey along the six levels of Eco stardom. Eco Stars begin as Blue Cranes and earn points through exciting activities and challenges. When the Blue Cranes have earned enough points they then move on to the next level of Eco stardom. Eco Stars will also receive an exclusive, quarterly Eco Stars newsletter and, in addition, will have access to fantastic competitions and special benefits and prizes.

“We want all the young eco warriors out there to be heroes for the environment today. It is never too early to play your part and Eco Stars offers children a way to play a vital role in the conservation of our planet,” continued Du Plessis.

Eco Stars has already gained a young ambassador: Nadav Ossendryver. Nadav is a Grade 10 pupil from King David Linksfield High School who founded and developed This is a website that reports live wildlife sightings from the Kruger National Park and allows visitors to the park to track the most dazzling of our species and see them in action in nature. We are very proud to have such an innovative young activist leading the way for other EWT Eco Stars.

If you have what it takes to be an Eco Star and help the EWT safeguard our natural environment, join us on an adventure of a lifetime! EWT staff will be enrolling new members be at the Outdoor Eco Adventure Travel Experience show from the 8th to the 10th of June so be sure to join us and do your part for mother nature.

For further information contact Debbie Thiart at Visit our website to download the registration form and join us on Facebook for more exciting news and Eco Star developments.


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