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Indicators of the river and wetland health – Visit –

The Endangered Wildlife Trust  [EWT]Healthy Rivers Project aims to proactively address the need to conserve threatened freshwater aquatic species and ecosystems in southern Africa to the benefit of all people. The EWT has been working on the fringes of water conservation for many years, focusing on wetland conservation and restoration, riverine habitat rehabilitation and the conservation of river and wetland dependant species.

Indicators of river and wetland health – Grey Crowned Crane, Wattled Crane and Pel's Fishing Owl.

The Grey Crowned Crane - Balearica regulorum - occurs in Eastern and Southern Africa and nests in Wetlands.

Conservation Status - Vulnerable

The Wattled Crane - Bugeranus carunculatus - is a large crane found in Wetlands in Africa south of the Sahara.

Conservation Status – Vulnerable

The Pel's Fishing Owl - Scotopelia peli - is a large owl, found in sub – Saharan Africa, but it is generally rather local, uncommon and absent from drier regions. It feeds at night on fish and frogs snatched from the surface of lakes and rivers.

Conservation Status - Vulnerable

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