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How many endemic bird species are found in the Republic of the Congo? Congo Brazzaville.

There are no endemic species for Congo Brazzaville. The Loango Weaver is a near-endemic to the Republic of the Congo.

Loango Weaver

The Loango Weaver - Ploceus subpersonatus - is found in Northern Angola, DRC, Gabon and Republic of the Congo. Its favoured habitats are subtropical or tropical  forests, coastal savanna and swamps.


A small finch-like weaver. Male has black mask which extends onto throat and upper breast in a point. Rich golden-yellow nape, sides of neck and breast with warm, orangey-brown tinges on breast and belly. Olive-yellow mantle and wings and olive-brown tail. Female similar orangey-brown below with more yellow on forehead. The short, conical bill of bill of both sexes is jet black.


Normal weaver-like squizzles and chipping notes.


Loango weavers nest in palms in small colonies.

Conservation Status – Vulnerable

It is threatened by habitat loss. In Gabon, coastal bush around Port Gentil and Cap Lopez is being converted into allotments. It is estimated that there are somewhere between 2,500 and 10,000 of the bird in existence.


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