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Aves Bird of the week - Cape Spurfowl - Pternistis capensis

The Cape Spurfowl - Pternistis capensis - is Endemic to the Western Cape of South Africa.

This spurfowl appears all dark from a distance, apart from the red legs, but when seen closer the plumage is finely vermiculated in grey and white, with a plainer crown and nape. The sexes are similar in plumage, but the male has two leg spurs whereas the female has at best one short spur. The male is generally larger than the female. Juvenile’s are similar to the adults, but have duller legs and clearer vermiculations.

The Cape Francolin is a bird of scrubby open areas, preferably close to running water.

Food consists of insects, snails, ants, fruits, berries, bulbs, seeds and grain.

The breeding season is July to January with a peak in September. Its nest is a scrape in the ground lined with grass, hidden in or under vegetation. Four to eight eggs are laid, incubated by the female for between 22 to 25 days.

They are usually found in small to large coveys. This species can become very tame and will feed in gardens, by roadsides, or with farmyard chickens. It will run rather than fly if disturbed.

The call is a loud cackalac-cackalac-cackalac.

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