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African Wood Owl - Strix woodfordii

The African Wood Owl - Strix woodfordii - is a dark eyed owl with no ear tufts. Brown above spotted with white, rufous and dark barring on whitish background below. Brown facial disk with white eyebrows.

Strix woodfordii is found in forests, woodlands and plantations, in Southern Angola, Southern Zaire,  South Western Tanzania and down the East Coast of Southern Africa to the Cape. 

It is strictly nocturnal in its habits, roosting in dense foliage. This Owl is not particularly afraid of humans and will easily nest near houses.

Breeding season is July to October with 1 to 3 eggs laid, normally in tree cavity. Incubation is about 31 days. The young leave the nest by about 5 weeks of age and can fly by 7 weeks. The young remain with parents up to 4 months and sometimes stay until the next breeding season. 

It's main food source is insects  often caught in flight. Insects include Beetles, Weevils, Grasshoppers, Crickets, Moths, and caterpillars. Other prey is caught by dropping on to it from a perch and includes small rodents, frogs, and birds such as Greenbuls, Shrikes and Doves.

Not globally threatened and fairly common in most of its range.

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