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A century of protection and the poisoning of wild birds and animals goes on in the UK.

The barbaric act of putting baits laced with deadly poisons out into the countryside to kill wildlife was outlawed a century ago. Yet despite this, a new report published today by the RSPB shows that this practice remains a major problem for the UK's birds of prey.

The list of chemicals used illegally to poison birds of prey includes a host of agricultural pesticides, such as Carbofuran, Alphachloralose and Bendiocarb.

The RSPB's Birdcrime report 2010 shows the highest number of reported incidents against birds of prey and owls was 54 in North Yorkshire. The Highlands reported 41 crimes against birds of prey and owls, while Derbyshire and Northumberland recorded 20 incidents each.

The reports received by the RSPB included: 128 reports of wildlife poisoning; 227 reports of shooting and destruction of birds of prey; 40 reported egg-collecting incidents; 31 reports of illegal taking, possession or sale of birds of prey; and 63 reports of illegal taking, possession or sale of wild birds, other than birds of prey.

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