Aves KZN Birding Tour / Safari photographs.

Birds that can be seen on the Aves KZN Birding Tour / Safari / Adventure.
Longcrested_Eagle13140.JPG African_Jacana13140.JPG Burcheells_Coucal_113140.JPG Collared_Pratincole_113140.JPG Browncrowned_Tchargra13140.JPG Orangebreasted_BushShrike13140.JPG Chorister_Robin13140.JPG Lemon_Dove13140.JPG Whitethroated_RobinChat13140.JPG African_Green_Pigeon13140.JPG Redbacked_Shrike13140.JPG Pygmy_Geese_114116.JPG Narina_Trogon14116.JPG Little_Beeeater14116.JPG Streakyheaded_Seedeater_114116.JPG Little_Beeeater_114116.JPG Barn_Owl_214116.JPG Barn_Swallow_114116.JPG Grey_Plover_414116.JPG Redeyed_Dove14116.JPG Redfaced_Mousebird_314116.jpg Hadeda14116.JPG Redchested_Cuckoo14116.jpg Great_White_Egret14116.JPG African_Crowned_Eagle_314116.jpg African Fish Eagle.JPG African Fish Eagle 1.JPG


Long-crested Eagle - Lophaetus occipitalis - Medium raptor with long floppy crest. Dark brown, with large white windows near wingtips. A common resident. These eagles can be seen on the following Aves Tours / Safaris: -

Aves Eastern Cape Tour / Safari.

Aves Highlands / Tembe Tour / Safari.

Aves KZN Tour / Safari.

Aves North East Tour / Safari.


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