Aves Highlands / Tembe Birding Tour / Safari photographs.

Birds that could be seen on the Aves Highlands Birding Tour / Safari / Adventure.
Blackheaded_Heron_113140.JPG Blacksmith_Lapwing_113140.JPG Booted_Eagle_113140.JPG Egyptian_Geese_113140.JPG African_Stonechat13140.JPG Familiar_Chat13140.JPG Cape_Longclaw13140.JPG Lesser_Honeyguide13140.JPG Southern_Bald_Ibis_114057.JPG Southern_Red_Bishop14057.JPG Spurwing_Geese_114057.JPG Yellowbilled_Duck14057.JPG Greenbacked_Heron13140.JPG Cape_Rock_Thrush14057.JPG Karoo_Thrush_114057.JPG IMG_006514057.JPG Yellowbilled_Egret14057.JPG Little_Egret14057.JPG Malachite_Kingfisher14057.JPG Secretarybird_114057.JPG Hamerkop.5_jpg14057.jpg Speckled_Pigeon_214057.jpg Cape_RobinChat_214057.JPG Blackwinged_Stilt_314057.JPG African_FishEagle14057.JPG


Black-headed Heron - Ardea melanocephala - Black crown and hind neck, white neck and grey body. A common resident.

The Black-headed Heron can be seen on the following Aves Tours / Safaris : -

Aves Arid Tour / Safari.

Aves Eastern Cape Tour / Safari.

Aves Highlands / Tembe Tour / Safari.

Aves KZN Tour / Safari.

Aves North East Tour / Safari.

Aves North West Tour / Safari.

Aves Western Cape Tour / Safari.

Aves West Coast Tour / Safari.

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