Aves Eastern Cape Birding Tour / Safari photographs.

These are species that could be seen on the Aves Eastern Cape Birding Tour / Safari / Adventure.
Cape_RobinChat13140.JPG Cattle_Egret_113140.JPG Forktailed_Drongo13140.JPG Greater_Doublecollared_Sunbird13140.JPG Chinspot_Batis_Male13140.JPG Southern_Ground_Hornbill13915.JPG Yellowbilled_Kite13915.JPG Southern_Boubou13915.JPG Amethyst_Sunbird13140.JPG Cape_Weaver13140.JPG Grey_Crowned_Crane_413915.JPG Acacia_Pied_Barbet13915.JPG Green_WoodHoopoe13915.JPG Southern_Masked_Weaver13915.JPG Grey_Heron13915.JPG Brownhooded_Kingfisher13915.JPG Pied_Kingfisher13915.JPG Wryneck13915.JPG Pintailed_Whydah13915.JPG Streakyheaded_Seedeater13915.JPG Caspian_Tern13915.JPG Southern_Doublecollared_Sunbird_413915.JPG Grey_Plover_113915.JPG Malachite_Kingfisher_413915.JPG Hadeda_113915.JPG African_FishEagle13915.JPG Giant Kingfisher.JPG


Cape Robin-Chat - Cossypha caffra - Brown/Greyish above, White eyebrow, rump and tail orange with black centre. Breast orange with belly grey. Legs black, eye dark. A common resident.

The beautiful Cape Robin-Chat can be seen on the following Aves Tours / Safaris: -

Aves Eastern Cape Tour / Safari.

Aves Highlands / Tembe Tour / Safari.

Aves KZN Tour / Safari.

Aves North East Tour / Safari.

Aves North West Tour / Safari.

Aves Western Cape Tour / Safari.

Aves West Coast Tour / Safari.

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